The Dolder Grand

Efficient call management: How The Dolder Grand offers its guests a better service.



What was the previous situation?
Up to now the Hotel Dolder Grand had been using an analog telephone system with Atiras. With the changeover to VoIP, the hotel switched from the UC solution Avaya Blue to Avaya Red. In the search for a modern attendant solution, the choice fell on talkbase, particularly because it is a web-based application with a user-friendly interface. Employees just need to log in and can work efficiently straight away.

Project implementation

How did we proceed?
talkbase is used by the hotel as a central hub for both internal and external calls. Telephone operators use talkbase to accept, place on hold and forward calls. These may be restaurant reservations, inquiries about rooms, and even emergency calls. For if an emergency call is triggered at the touch of a button in the lifts or bathrooms, the guests are put through directly to the hotel staff. This makes communication with guests considerably more efficient. talkbase also offers the advantage of enabling staff to record notes which work colleagues have access to, for every call. This improves collaboration between telephone operators. talkbase offers flexible working as a web-based solution. Employees can simply log in via the web browser and start working straight away. This allows the hotel to make efficient use of its operators and manage peak loads without the need for additional telephone sets while optimizing waiting times for callers even more. To ensure reachability at all times, an emergency switch was set up specifically for The Dolder Grand to enable calls to be forwarded to a handset, if, for example, there are system faults or if all employees are logged out.

Jens Gross

IT Manager

“Thanks to the browser-based solution the operator is no longer tied to a location, which makes the workspace very flexible for us. This is just one simplification of many made possible with the new solution.”

“We are extremely satisfied with the implementation of the web-based communication solution. talkbase enables the efficient and professional handling of calls. We can wholeheartedly recommend talkbase.”