IHAG Privatbank

Web-based communication solution for easy call handling. How the IHAG Privatbank forwards calls more efficiently.



What was the previous situation?
The previously employed attendant solution was too extensive and complicated to use for the purposes of the IHAG Privatbank. Utilized were telephones, PC software and conventional paper notes. A simpler solution was therefore needed. The key focus was on a simple call handling concept for call forwarding and parking. The impression talkbase made convinced the employees and this made our web-based call center solution successful in the evaluation process.

Project implementation

How did we proceed?
As a first step, a test installation was carried out and the functionality of talkbase presented in detail. Following the decision of the IHAG Privatbank to use our solution, it was integrated into the existing system environment and its operation explained to the operators in detail. Assistance during commissioning and continued support had high priority.

Patric Stocker

Team Leader IT Technology

“talkbase offers precisely what we were looking for — a simple call forwarding concept. Collaboration was always pleasant. We would like to note in particular the fast and competent support provided during the implementation of talkbase and go-live.”

“We are very impressed by the clear layout of the user interface and easy operation of talkbase. Functions like the favorites list, logbook and employee status overview simplify call forwarding enormously.”

Gabriela Zimmermann

Team Leader Cashier & Customer Reception