Talkbase comes with built in features that add great value to your attendant console in large-scale Hospitals and other Healthcare related businesses. The most important features include the scalability of main numbers and directories, real-time data from hospital applications and customized screen views.

Dynamic directories and display information

Operators in hospitals correspond with a variety of internal and external stakeholders on a daily basis. Patients, employees, affiliated doctors, renters and external partners like pharmacies and first responders are in constant contact. The needs of those stakeholders require customizable database fields and directories with specific views and GUI elements. Those features enable precise configurations for administrators avoiding empty spaces and unpopulated fields in groups.

Sophisticated call routing

Large scale hospitals are complex organizations that use a variety of phone numbers and internal and external groups such as main numbers, receptions, emergency numbers and alarms. External stakeholders such as affiliated doctors and smaller partner hospitals have to be integrated into attendant consoles. Talkbase offers great functionalities to handle independent main numbers simultaneously. Together with the integrated concept for operator groups and the advanced call distribution algorithms our solution offers administrators valuable call routing options to configure and assign calls to designated operators.

Customizable icons

Specific database field content displayed with meaningful icons give your operators the perfect visual input and increases productivity. Specifically colored icons for patient status, VIP flags and other fields enhance our GUI to meet the needs of your operators in Healthcare environments.

Real-time hospital information

Provide your operators with real-time patient data with the integration of our Healthcare-Modul by FROX. Patient stats, phone numbers, locations and many other information (HL7) are directly transferred into talkbase and ready to be queried by your operators.