Why using a dedicated server for each customer if you can serve multiple instances with multitenancy? In the era of UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) costs for Service providers have become the killer criteria and that is why talkbase comes with multitenancy.

With moving Unified Communication Services and functionalities to the cloud of a Service Provider companies are starting to focus on their core competences. Although there are still question marks about the security of data we see a significant increase in our industry. Service providers know very well that on-premise solutions or dedicated servers for each customers are very expensive and therefore not as profitable as cloud based solutions. Serving multiple customers from one single server is the answer. Service Providers are able to save on hardware costs by reducing the amount of servers but deployment for each individual customer will get much easier and helps them safe additional resources.

To ensure that data integrity remains intact Service Providers are looking for specific UC solutions that have multitenancy built in. Phone books and other directories specifically for Operator Consoles are confidential and must be protected.

The open architecture and the most advanced technology of our talkbase attendant solution offers the best possible platform for multitenancy. Once operational the actual performance of such a multitenancy server is no different than if you had a dedicated one. It still works with a PostrgreSQL or a MicrosoftSQL database that allows fast access to data.

Talkbase with its open architecture guarantees that Service Providers can offer a full-fledged UC service to customers. Our web-based client together with our dynamic licensing model gives you the possibility to react to short-term needs of your clients. We guarantee a minimal administration procedure to keep the processes lean and efficient. Our subscription price model is a perfect addition and enables Service Providers to implement a complete UcaaS offering.

However, not only Service Providers benefit from such flexibility but also large hospital organizations where every individual clinic has the ability to use a talkbase tenant whereas the telephony is being manged centrally.

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