More and more companies have a critical need to be available 24/7. What’s the benefit of having an attendant solution if you are offline? Above all, emergency organizations and first responders must guarantee a seamless operation of their communication networks. Imagine a hospital or healthcare organization that isn’t available in case of emergency. Or a bank that isn’t able to deal with transactions requested from their customers. The consequences of a potential outage and the financial impact for financial institutions could be disastrous. Redundant system components are a must for many businesses around the world, that also includes the operator consoles or attendant solutions in our case.

Two servers, no problems

With the implementation of a second or a third server high availability is guaranteed. The communication between those redundant servers enables permanent communication and transaction of data. It is necessary that those systems are mirrored permanently to offload the communication from one instance to the other within the blink of an eye.

Most of the times however, a redundant system of an attendant console does not do the job. It is absolutely crucial that other components especially in the feeder system of the respective telephone solution are considered. Almost all vendors in this area of the telephone architecture develop redundant systems that allow instant switches in case of a system outage. In the case of Skype for Business and Cisco’s Call Manager for example multiple front-end servers are installed to prevent a system error and allow to fallback to alternative servers. High availability is also useful during extensive maintenance cycles and other system updates that require a partial shutdown.

Load balancing is the answer

To ensure high availability it is necessary to guarantee redundant servers for your web-based attendant consoles. With the help of load balancers acting as routers between two workspaces the traffic between two servers is monitored for availability. In case of a system outage those load balancers react and redistribute or reroute the entire traffic to the redundant and available server.

The process is managed so tightly that operators do not even have to login again to keep the client session open. In order to guarantee actual redundancy it is key to also take care of the underlying databases. Those databases are easily replicable with out-of-the-box solutions of the selected database system.

Obviously, high availability requires additional investments into your communication architecture to allow actual parallel operation of your tools. Compared to the overall investment of your telephone infrastructure however, the cost of high availability of your attendant consoles is marginal. In case of emergency, the benefit from having a reliable system in place pays of tenfold.

Talkbase comes with high availability

Talkbase offers the necessary expertise and technologies to consult customers from all industries. Our unique web-based attendant console is ideal for redundant high availability installations. The close partnership with many large hospitals and healthcare organizations helped us to understand the specific processes and needs in the industry. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts and learn more how high availability can help your business. Ask for a free demo today.

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