Status Information

Obtaining current status information is essential for the efficient operation of your attendant consoles. Talkbase carefully supplies such information without overcrowding your screen. Check the status of your main numbers and logged-in operators by simply hovering over with the cursor, and obtain Lync and Skype for Business presence and call forwarding information along with the results of your searches. All that with preconfigured locations directly on your screen.

Status display of main numbers

Check the status of all main numbers by hovering over the main numbers function. Find out the availability of logged-in operators who are currently able to handle calls in each queue. See which queues are currently not handled along with their call forwarding destinations.

Status display of operators

The orange field permanently displays the number of operators currently handling calls along with the number of logged-in operators. Hovering the cursor over the respective area yields detailed information consisting of who is logged in, the pause and Lync presence status of each operator and the names of the queues that the operator is handling.

Presence status and text

The Skype for Business (Lync) presence status and the corresponding status texts are configurable as well as the user’s photo. It is updated immediately when statuses change. In addition, the Skype for Business (Lync) presence status is available as a flag field and can be used anywhere in all the configurable user interface areas, for instance in the search results overview.

Display call forwarding settings of users

The call forwarding settings of each user are provided as a configurable field either with or without the forwarding destination. It can be placed anywhere in the configurable user interface areas. This enables operators to avoid transferring calls to redirected destinations. And of course, forwarding settings can be modified for users to redirect their clients or cancel existing redirections.