Database and Searches

Database and Searches

A relational database and a powerful search engine provide the basis for excellent performance of queries within talkbase. Phonetic and error-tolerant search and update of results at every keystroke and sorting of entries according to search relevance enable operators to retrieve information they need quickly and at any time.

Relational Database

A PostgreSQL database is used with our attendant console and can be optionally replaced by a Microsoft SQL database. The benefits of both databases are speed, stability and flexibility. Data can be stored anywhere and on any network. Replication and backups are available when needed and due to the widespread use worldwide, there are many supported internal and external administration and data management tools.

Search engine

Talkbase uses a high-performance search engine to query directories. The search engine indexes all the contents of tables. Each field and each attribute is included in the index and changes in the database are tracked consistently. Full indexing of data and high-quality search algorithms ensure good search performance and allow talkbase to offer search results with every keystroke.